With the mobile phone market increasingly saturated, more and more mobile phone manufacturers began to turn their attention to the field of headphones. In June 2015, HUAWEI announced its foray into the headphone market; in May 2016, Samsung introduced headphones to the Chinese market; in September 2016, Apple launched a wireless headset, AirPod, which Cook recently claimed was a big hit. In addition, there are millet, Meizu, a plus, hammer and so on, continue to try to launch new headphones.

Mobile phone manufacturers continue to increase their R & D investment in headphones and continue to try to join new technologies to meet consumer demand. For example, the introduction of artificial intelligence technology to enhance the level of intelligent headphones.

In fact, in the current growing demand for personalized, the huge potential demand for headphones, the next few years is expected to usher in explosive growth. According to the prospective industry research institute to provide the “Chinese Bluetooth headset industry investment strategy analysis report” data, in 2015, the global market size headset has more than 10 billion U.S. dollars, is expected to 2023, the market scale will reach $18 billion 200 million.

To stimulate demand and accelerate the release of wireless and intelligent headset products will dominate the market. However, due to the artificial intelligence technology is far from mature, so smart headphones in the short term is difficult to open the market, to facilitate the famous Bluetooth headset or usher in the first outbreak.

Bluetooth headset is a wireless headset with Bluetooth technology. It is loved by business people because of its convenience. According to the species can be divided into single ear, stereo, wireless Bluetooth headset really three types: single ear Bluetooth headset compact, mainly used to answer and hang up the phone; more, stereo Bluetooth headset function style more; really a wireless Bluetooth headset with Multiplexlink multi point wireless Internet technology, can achieve a wireless connection between the left and right ear.

Although there are many Bluetooth headsets on the market, in fact, this market demand is far from being stimulated. With the gradual popularization of smart phone equipment to achieve a large area, with wireless convenience, Bluetooth headset follow-up development momentum, the market prospect.

One of the problems facing Bluetooth headsets is the lack of consumer awareness. On the one hand, manufacturers propaganda is not in place or strength is not enough; on the other hand, a good product prices are high, cottage products fabricated, disrupted the market, consumers are difficult to distinguish.

In the Internet information age, the surge of intelligence, Bluetooth headset is still a lot of plasticity. Compared with the traditional wired headset, Bluetooth headset is obviously more intelligent transformation potential.
To sum up, Bluetooth headset market still has a lot of room for growth, is a big industry in the future. However, Bluetooth headset manufacturers should pay attention to technological research and development and establish brand awareness, maintain a healthy order of competition, and jointly become bigger and stronger Bluetooth headset industry.