Apple released her third quarter financial report in the morning of 2nd,August,2017.

Apple sales and revenue performance by region and product

First look at the overall performance: third quarter revenue of 45.408 billion US dollars, higher than the same period last year 42.358 billion US dollars, up 7%; net profit of 8.717 billion US dollars, compared with 7.769 billion US dollars last year, an increase of 12%.

By region, Apple in all regions had a good performance, except Greater China, there was a dazzling negative growth year on year. Third quarter revenue in Greater China was $ 8,040 million, 10% down from $ 8.884 billion in the same period last year.

iPad sales growth and revenue growth (from Jackdaw Research)

iPhone quarter sales of 41.03 million, an increase of only 2%, sales revenue grew 3%. The second quarter of this year, Apple iPhone sales is 50.8 million. As the fourth quarter is a routine new iPhone release period, so the performance of the third quarter is often weak, but also excusable.

The best performers in the third quarter were the iPad, as well as the service and other product categories. Revenue from the iPad for the quarter was $ 4,969 million, up 2% from $ 4.876 billion in the same period last year. However, from the point of view of sales, the iPad sold 11.424 million, up 15% year on year.

Accumulated sales since the birth of iPhone

We learned that this is the first year-on-year growth of iPad sales in the past four years, the last growth was at the fourth quarter of 2013. At the same time, iPad sales rose only 2%, which means that compared to the more expensive iPad Pro, cheap version iPad has made greater contribution to the growth of sales. According to Apple’s statement, sales grow mainly by school and business cooperation driven.

In addition to iPad, the Apple service business performed well, revenue reached nearly 7.3 billion US dollars, year on year revenue growth reached 22%. The service business mainly includes data content and services, AppleCare, Apple Pay and authorization and other services. All service businesses pay more than 185 million subscribers and have increased by 20 million over the past 90 days.

Company CEO Tim Cook joked the department could become a Fortune 100 company. For the more optimistic department he is often metaphor, he also said that the wear business can become a Fortune 500 companies.

Other products also grew 23% year on year, including Apple TV, iPod, Apple Watch, AirPods, Beats headphones and so on.